Artist, Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer based in Poole, UK​​​​​​​
A UK-based illustrator and educator with a diverse practice that builds on a Fine Art background, to now focus on surface-pattern design and editorial contexts.
Subject-matter draws upon familial experiences and daily life from the perspective of both parent and child. Ideas derive from walking, photography and objects collected in the environment. These are then developed into observational collages using hand-painted paper, and subsequently digitally montaged.
As issues of well-being are addressed through exploratory illustration practice, the interrelated roles of food and our natural surroundings are articulated.  Whether looking for bugs, eating well, planting vegetables, climbing trees or playing in the garden, the outputs raise awareness to the ethical considerations of how we are raised to inhabit the world.   
Having worked in secondary schools for over 15 years, there is a drive to promote engagement in creativity, aesthetic pleasure and meaningful art practice. Through bringing the natural forms of the outside inside, the maximalist surface patterns have value for both interior decor and state of mind.
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